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03 Jan
David Banks
Dr. David Banks, PhD, P.Eng, becomes president of CPP Wind Engineering Inc.
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After operating without a president since founder Dr. Jon Peterka’s retirement in 2013, CPP, through its Board of Directors, has unanimously chosen Dr. David Banks to fill th...
08 Apr
CPP featured in Ansys Advantage
Category: Features, News
Issue 1, 2019 of Ansys Advantage Magazine features a terrific article, “Catching the Sun,” which looks at how engineers use simulation and wind tunnel testing to avoid ...
13 Nov
CPP’s Dr. David Banks on the effects of wind on solar panels
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In February of 2015, CPP Principal Dr. David Banks, P.E., an expert on how solar panels behave in the wind, co-hosted a webinar with Ron LaPlante, S.E., chair of the Solar Photovol...
15 Aug
New California law brightens solar power’s future
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Boosted by tax incentives and increasing concerns for the environment, solar power has grown exponentially in the U.S., projected to double from 1 million solar panel installations...
10 Jul
Wind loads on roof-mounted solar panels
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If it seems like solar modules are popping up everywhere, you’re right. In 2006, a new solar energy system was installed, on average, every 80 minutes in the US, and by 2013, insta...
08 Dec
CPP contributes to SEAOC’s new publication “Wind Design for Solar Arrays”
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The Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) has announced the revision of their industry-leading publication about wind loads on solar racking systems. SEAOC is resp...
08 Jun
vanishing_point 150x150
Banks & Fewless presenting at BBAA8
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CPP Around the World CPP’s team of technical experts and industry innovators share their knowledge around the globe. Join us to gain insight into the various effects of wind and le...
28 Dec
A bright future for solar energy
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As 2015 draws to a close, we have every reason to be optimistic about the future of solar energy in North America and around the world. Thanks to the recent passage of renewable en...
19 Jan
Renewable Energy Technical Papers
Category: Technical Papers
CPP Wind’s engineers and scientists have authored many technical papers on renewable energy. Here are just a few. Wind on Solar Arrays Wind Tunnel Testing of Torsional Instab...