Banks & Fewless presenting at BBAA8

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Banks & Fewless presenting at BBAA8

BBAA8_Dr. David Banks, PEngBBAA8 Yarrow J Fewless headshot_The 8th International Colloquium on Bluff Body Aerodynamics and Applications is June 7–11 at Northeastern University. Join Dr. Dave Banks and other industry leaders as they share the latest advances in the study of the flow around bluff bodies.

Friday, June 10th, join the talk by Dave Banks and Yarrow Fewless, “Challenges in wind tunnel testing of ground mount PV solar racking systems.” Wind tunnel testing generic ground-mounted solar panel racking systems is often performed with the goal of applying the results broadly to several comparable racking systems. In their talk, Banks & Fewless will cover the limitations and considerations relevant to that generalization. They will discuss the effect of modeling the support structure on overall aerodynamics, gaps between tables/trackers, exposure category, and the manner in which a cornering-wind flow effect can impact the wind sheltering expected in the array interior.

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