Wind Loads & Effects Technical Papers

CPP Wind’s engineers and scientists have authored many technical papers and presentations on wind loads and effects. Here are just a few.

A Coastal Microburst Wind Damage Survey (Glanville, Moir, 2023)

Kern County Special Wind Region Study (Banks, Ellison, Esterday, 2019)

Aeroelastic Wind Tunnel Test for Memorial Park Sculpture (Paetzold, Bourke, Glanville, 2018)

Designing for Tornados (Denoon, 2017)

Tornadic Waterspout Impacts on Coastal Australia (Glanville, Rohr, Holmes, 2016)

Simultaneous Nett Wind Pressures on Loose-laid Pavers (Denoon, Wood, 2015)

Practical Considerations in the Assessment of Building Motion Acceptability (Denoon, Strobel, 2012)

An Examination of Wind Related Design Criteria and their Applications in Hurricane Regions (Denoon, Esterday, 2012)

The Nature of Wind Loads & Dynamic Responses (Boggs & Dragovich, 2008)

Wind Tunnel Methods (Boggs & Lepage, 2008)

2006 Colorado Front Range Gust Map (Peterka, 2006)

Wind Engineering for the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower (Boggs, Denoon, 2005)

Sources of Torsional Wind Loading on Tall Buildings (Boggs, Hosoya & Cochran, 2000)

Acceleration Indexes for Human Comfort in Tall Buildings (Boggs, 1997)

Wind Loads on Arena Roofs Using Aerodynamic Models (Boggs & Peterka, 1993)

Validation of the Aerodynamic Model Method (Boggs & Peterka, 1992)

Wind Speeds for Design of Temporary Structures (Boggs & Peterka, 1992)