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CPP Wind – Pioneers in Wind Engineering

For 40 years CPP Wind has been leading the way in wind engineering. With the most technically advanced and innovative wind tunnels, we continue to lead the wind engineering industry and serve our global clients.

CPP Wind Engineering Consultants Sydney Office

2022 marked 15 years since we first opened the doors to our Sydney office! Take a quick peek inside to see the team’s work on a typical day.

For more than 40 years, CPP Wind has been providing industry-leading consulting services to architects, engineers, and developers worldwide. Take a peek inside our US boundary layer wind-tunnel laboratory.

The “Effective Stack Height” Fallacy

CPP’s Vice President of Air Quality, John Carter discusses the fallacy of “Effective Stack Height.”

Save Energy & Money in Lab Exhaust Design

CPP Vice President of Air Quality, John Carter explains how laboratories can save energy and money by knowing how the wind effects the exhaust plume and adjusting exhaust fan usage accordingly.

Watch the aeroelastic instability testing of a scaled model of a solar tracking system in CPP Wind’s boundary layer wind tunnel. By partnering with CPP Wind, you will gain an understanding of wind loads and discover strategies to save money and reduce the risk of instability.