Air Permitting Technical Papers

Here are just a few of the technical papers that CPP’s experts have written on industrial emissions and air permitting.

Using physical modeling to refine downwash inputs to AERMOD (Petersen & Guerra, 2016, EM Magazine)

Theoretical Problems with Building Downwash Using a New Method to Determine Equivalent Building Dimensions (Petersen & Guerra, 2016)

Critical Review of the Building Downwash Algorithms in AERMOD  (Petersen & Guerra, 2016)

Evaluation of the Wake of an Agricultural Ground Sprayer with Wind from any Direction (Teske, Thistle, Petersen, Lawton, Guerra, Funseth, 2016)

Evaluation of the Flow Downwind of an Agricultural Ground Sprayer Boom (Teske, Thistle, Lawton, Petersen, 2016)

Evaluation of the Wake of an Agricultural Ground Sprayer (Teske, Thistle, Gross, Lawton, Petersen, Funseth, 2015)

Justifying a GEP Stack Height Taller than the EPA Formula Height (Petersen, Beyer-Lout & Emond, 2015)

Regulatory Permitting for Air Quality – How physical modeling can save you money (2015)

Probabilistic Statistical Techniques in AERMOD Modeling Evaluations_SGuerra_6-15 (Guerra & Thé, 2015)

AERMOD Beyond the Box (2014)

Innovative Dispersion Modeling (Guerra, 2014)

AERMOD Prediction Challenges for Cylindrical Structures and Other Unusual Buildings… (Petersen & Beyer-Lout, 2013)

…Application of a Hybrid Wind Tunnel/Numerical Model (HYWINMOD) for Complex Permitting… (Petersen & Beyer-Lout, 2013)

AERMOD Building Downwash Theoretical Limitations & Possible Solutions (Petersen & Beyer-Lout, 2012)

Evaluation of Monitored SO2 NAAQS Exceedances due to the Corner Vortex (Petersen, Beyer-Lout & Paine, 2012)

Is AERMOD/PRIME Overpredicting for Short Buildings with a Large Footprint? (Petersen & Beyer-Lout, 2009)

Use of Equivalent Building Dimensions (EBD) to Characterize Upwind Terrain Wake Effects… (Petersen, Reifschneider, Paine & Schmidt, 2007)

Improved Building Dimension Inputs for AERMOD Modeling… (Petersen, Reifschneider, Shae, Cramer & Labrie, 2007)

Validation of the CHARM® Software Module Including Near-Field Dispersion… (Eltgroth, Petersen & Sanders, 2005)

LFL Estimates for Crude Oil Vapors from Relief Tank Vents (Petersen, Watson & Roehner, 1997)

Objective Method for Estimating Surface Roughness Length for Industrial Facilities (Petersen, Parce & Rabideau, 1995)