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At CPP, our most valuable asset is the remarkably talented group of people who solve complex problems every day. We thrive on challenge and apply intellectual curiosity to all the work we do. This culture has created a proud history of tackling and solving unusual problems.

If you face an engineering challenge that requires a unique approach, trust us to deliver original, innovative solutions. We’ll use the latest analytical, computational, and experimental techniques with creativity to push the boundary of what’s possible.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our history of creative problem-solving dates to the earliest days of wind engineering when Dr. Jack Cermak discovered new ways to apply the science of fluid mechanics and airflow to environmental problems faced by tall buildings. Since then, our portfolio has grown to include such diverse challenges as:

  • Wind-induced noise (humming and whistling) on buildings
  • Wind effects on amusement rides
  • Door operability in windy conditions
  • Wind studies for space vehicles and launch pads
  • Forensic investigations following accidents or failures
  • Effects of wind on power line capacity
  • Mitigation of wind loads on train cars
Pioneering Through Ingenuity

Our creative solutions frequently develop into industry best practices. Today’s modern field of wind engineering is grounded in Jack Cermak’s original research, and our leaders’ innumerable contributions to the American Society of Civil Engineers have literally written the book on wind loads in the United States. And what began as an experimental approach to determining wind loads on solar arrays ten years ago has evolved into methods being embraced by solar energy professionals.

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