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03 Jan
David Banks
Dr. David Banks, PhD, P.Eng, becomes president of CPP Wind Engineering Inc.
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After operating without a president since founder Dr. Jon Peterka’s retirement in 2013, CPP, through its Board of Directors, has unanimously chosen Dr. David Banks to fill th...
07 Apr
Venukumar Balla to lead CPP growth initiative in India
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CPP is pleased to welcome Venukumar Balla to our team of global representatives. In response to strong growth forecasts, we have expanded into India with the assignment of Venukuma...
07 Aug
Atmospheric scientists critical to construction project success
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If a skyscraper is structurally sound or a pedestrian area is pleasant for strolling or sitting, thank an atmospheric scientist. CPP has a few of these professionals on their team ...
17 Apr
Indoor Farm
CPP Wind helps indoor farms produce optimal yields
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Here’s a vexing truth: the highest demand for fresh produce originates where produce farms are rarest. By the time fresh veggies have traveled from farm to table, the freshne...
18 Jan
The Way the Wind Blows: The Value of Pedestrian Wind Studies
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Warm weather brings the great pleasures of dining outdoors and lounging by the pool. But when the wind kicks up, those experiences can quickly turn unpleasant. A force of nature wi...
12 Jan
Middle East Consultant Features Dr. Roy Denoon and Latest in Wind Engineering
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“The impact of wind on the natural and built environment, and analyses of wind effects in terms of possible damage, discomforts and benefits, is a subject that has long both ...
08 Jun
vanishing_point 150x150
Banks & Fewless presenting at BBAA8
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CPP Around the World CPP’s team of technical experts and industry innovators share their knowledge around the globe. Join us to gain insight into the various effects of wind and le...
27 Jul
5894_Via 57 West_Durst New York
Why our wind tunnels are so large
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Visitors to CPP’s facilities are often surprised to discover just how big our wind tunnels are in person. When asked why they’re so large, our response is always the same: Because ...