Venukumar Balla to lead CPP growth initiative in India

CPP is pleased to welcome Venukumar Balla to our team of global representatives. In response to strong growth forecasts, we have expanded into India with the assignment of Venukumar Balla as new Country Head. Based in our India office, Mr. Balla is responsible for the Indian region business operations and will serve as the primary support contact for current and future clients.

Venukumar Balla is responsible for the Indian region business operations

CPP CEO, Oliver Napp, is very excited about the addition of Mr. Balla to the global team. “India is one of the biggest emerging markets for CPP. The rapid pace of development specifically in the tall structures and solar markets is breathtaking. It is our goal to become the region’s leading wind consultants. We are very happy and proud that Venu has joined us in a leading role.”

Balla joined CPP in September 2018 and contributed his strong skills with technical development, consultancy, and marketing. He brings extensive experience, having grown within the industry since completing his studies in 2006.

India is a fast-evolving marketplace for wind engineering services. “Take Mumbai for example,” explains Balla. “The rapid growth in land cost prompts developers to take their buildings higher, 400 meters and beyond. Such construction and code compliance demand high quality wind analysis and recommendations.” Studies for tall buildings typically include structural loading, cladding pressures, and pedestrian climate. This approach ensures that the building is both reliable and economical on materials, while also considering the wind environment for occupants using the outdoor spaces on or around the building.

Beyond tall buildings, there is an increasing demand for a high-quality consultant for wind effects on stadiums, airports, and buildings in extreme wind regions. The past few years have also shown a huge growth in solar installations, which are extremely wind sensitive and can require a design approach that differs from what is used for buildings.

Balla, who is from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is well-equipped for the new assignment. He completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai, and his Master of Science (Research) with specialization in aerodynamics at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. In 2017, the aerospace department of IISc recognized Balla with the Platinum Jubilee Alumina Award, a prestigious acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the field.

Balla understands in-depth the concepts and applications of wind engineering theories and practices applied to different types of structures. He’s adept at solving challenging problems in consultation with structural engineers and architects. He contributes vast experience with data analysis on structural and cladding designs to achieve compliance with international building codes.

For 13 years, Balla has supported a wide variety of tall-building, stadium, and roof projects around the world, such as the King Abdullah Foundation Project in Riyadh, the Turkmenistan Ferris wheel in Turkmenistan, and the Four Seasons Hotel Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Balla was attracted to CPP’s positive marketplace reputation and opportunities for new challenges and career growth. As the market for CPP grows, Balla anticipates strong collaboration with colleagues in the region, such as the CPP team in Kuala Lumpur. From a personal perspective, Balla most looks forward to two aspects of his new assignment: providing direct consultancy in client meetings and responding to client technical queries with well-researched recommendations.

With a wealth of experience and dedication to the success of each project, please join us in welcoming Venukumar Balla to CPP Wind Engineering!

Mr. Balla may be reached at, at +1 970 221 3371 in the United States, or at + 91 (0) 630 460 1278 in India.