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07 Aug
Atmospheric scientists critical to construction project success
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If a skyscraper is structurally sound or a pedestrian area is pleasant for strolling or sitting, thank an atmospheric scientist. CPP has a few of these professionals on their team ...
06 Aug
CPP welcomes Max Lee to the South East Asia-based team
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CPP Wind Engineering’s work surrounds Max Lee, literally. He works in Kuala Lumpur’s Ilham Tower, a past CPP project. Plus, when Lee surveys the skyline, he sees the th...
27 Jul
CPP’s Brad Cochran to speak at I2SL China Chapter annual conference
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CPP’s Brad Cochran will speak at the annual conference of the China Chapter of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), held at the China National Con...
25 Jul
How hurricanes develop
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There’s no doubt the 2017 hurricane season was one to remember. Last year, Hurricane Maria was the strongest storm, and no one can forget the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. After...
19 Jul
Wind codes around the world
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Local governments usually have ultimate authority over local building codes. Nonetheless, with the exception of a few areas with very unique wind environments (New York City’s urba...
10 Jul
Wind loads on roof-mounted solar panels
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If it seems like solar modules are popping up everywhere, you’re right. In 2006, a new solar energy system was installed, on average, every 80 minutes in the US, and by 2013, insta...
25 Jun
CPP’s Ron Petersen to speak at ACE 2018 Conference in Hartford
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CPP’s Ron Petersen will speak at ACE 2018, which takes place June 25-28. The most comprehensive conference on environmental technology and regulation, ACE 2018 is the annual ...
14 Jun
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Meet CPP experts at 2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Houston
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CPP’s John Carter and Brad Cochran will attend the 2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Houston, June 23-27. The Technical Program along with committee meetings, registration, bookstor...
19 Apr
Meet CPP experts at Research Facilities 2018 Conference
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CPP’s Jeff Reifschneider and Ryan Parker will attend the Research Facilities 2018 Conference. In addition, CPP will sponsor the lunch on Thursday, April 26. The Spring Confer...
17 Apr
Indoor Farm
CPP Wind helps indoor farms produce optimal yields
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Here’s a vexing truth: the highest demand for fresh produce originates where produce farms are rarest. By the time fresh veggies have traveled from farm to table, the freshne...