CPP’s Dr. Roy Denoon to speak at the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference

The CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference will be held October 20-25, 2018 in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

About the conference: Cities best positioned for the future are evolving along polycentric, multi-nodal lines, with several central business districts. Such an amalgamation of “several cities within a city” perhaps offers the best opportunity for a sustainable future for the many millions of people who will move into cities over the coming decades.

Dubai, fittingly chosen as the host city for the core of the conference, is a pure result of this decentralized urban approach. In Abu Dhabi, the second host city for the conference, the drive toward polycentrism has been accompanied by a profound and concerted effort to forge a unique urban and architectural identity.

CPP’s Bhami Ilyas will attend, and Roy Denoon will present on two occasions at the conference.

First, Denoon will be a guest presenter at Gerb’s Tall Building Damping Workshop, Is Your Supplementary Damping Going to Do What You Want It To?

Supplementary damping in tall buildings is most commonly specified for the purposes of improving occupant comfort, or more pragmatically, reducing the potential for significant complaints to the building owners, builders, developers, and operators, and the risks associated with such complaints. However, the relative risks are rarely discussed fully, or understood, within the design and client teams during the design and construction process. This presentation examines the risks, and how to account for them through design.

Second, Denoon will be a guest speaker with Farhad Pazoki in Day 2 Track G: Advanced Construction & Engineering in Session 3G Innovative Engineering: Case Studies, SRG Tower: The Structural Challenges of One of the World’s Slenderest Residential Towers.

Upon completion, the SRG Tower, located on Dubai’s prestigious Sheikh Zayed Road, will be one of the world’s slenderest residential towers ever designed and constructed. The 111-story supertall building will be 468 meters high and built on a 30-by-30-meter footprint. This presentation describes some of the challenges faced by the design team and how the solutions implemented respond to these challenges, as well as form part of the unique architecture of this iconic building. Wind is one of the primary factors that poses a challenge to the project, given its height and slenderness, which Denoon will address in his comments.

The conference will present opportunities to meet with Ilyas and Denoon. CPP’s clients and partners are encouraged to attend.

Learn more about the conference here.