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29 Aug
CPP’s Dr. Roy Denoon to bring unique insights to 2019 SEAC Fall Seminar
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Topic Practical Wind Engineering both vital and timely The SEAC Fall Seminar takes place October 10, 2019, at the Doubletree Hilton in Westminster, Colorado. Since 1954, SEAC, Stru...
18 Jan
The Way the Wind Blows: The Value of Pedestrian Wind Studies
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Warm weather brings the great pleasures of dining outdoors and lounging by the pool. But when the wind kicks up, those experiences can quickly turn unpleasant. A force of nature wi...
05 Jul
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Building in miniature
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When guests visit CPP’s facilities for client updates or tours, our small-scale wind tunnel models are usually major highlights. From structural engineers responsible for a s...
03 Jan
Kuala Lumpur office moving to iconic CPP-engineered Ilham Tower
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CPP is pleased to announce that our Kuala Lumpur office is moving to Ilham Tower, the fourth tallest structure in Malaysia. This new location is all the more exciting because CPP h...
13 Sep
Physical Modeling Collage
How physical modeling can save you money (and possibly your project, too)
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Myriad federal, state, and local air quality regulations exist in the United States to keep our population healthy and our air clean. To comply with these regulations, owners and o...
23 Jun
Connecting the Dots: Environmental Quality to Climate
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CPP Around the World CPP’s team of technical experts and industry innovators share their knowledge around the globe. Join us to gain insight into the various effects of wind and le...
01 Mar
A wind tunnel model of Hong Kong at 1:4000 scale
Wind profile characterization
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In an earlier article on wind exposure, we highlighted the different upwind exposure categories defined in ASCE/SEI 7-10 (Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures). ...
25 Jan
Cladding is a crucial part of building design. Make sure it is optimally designed.
Reduce cladding costs and risks through wind tunnel testing
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Most modern buildings are designed and constructed as a core skeleton to which an exterior envelope is attached. The standard document referenced by most building codes in the Unit...