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12 Jan
Middle East Consultant Features Dr. Roy Denoon and Latest in Wind Engineering
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“The impact of wind on the natural and built environment, and analyses of wind effects in terms of possible damage, discomforts and benefits, is a subject that has long both ...
29 Feb
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Odor and Air Quality
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The air quality may be as clean and pure as the latest filtering system can achieve, but odors can lead you to question the quality of the air you’re breathing. This is a valid con...
21 Dec
Figure 1b downwindlow
The world’s windiest cities
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It can get a little breezy in CPP’s hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. With average wind speeds approaching 40 miles per hour (18 m/s) on some days, and gusts in excess of 45 (20 ...
18 Oct
Keep your cool and your data safe
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Virtually every aspect of modern life relies on electronic data in some way. From the apps in your phone to the magnetic stripes on your credit cards to the car that you drive, it’...
04 Oct
Stack Effect
Get to know a flow feature: The stack effect
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The stack effect is simultaneously one of the most useful and most problematic flow features in building design. Use it to your advantage, and the stack effect can enhance ventilat...
17 May
Forensic engineering
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What do you think of when you hear the word forensics? CSI? Law & Order? Dexter? Certainly, forensic evidence is a key part of successful criminal investigations, but it’...