Odor and Air Quality

Odor and Air Quality The air quality may be as clean and pure as the latest filtering system can achieve, but odors can lead you to question the quality of the air you’re breathing. This is a valid concern as odors have been known to have physiological effects such as headaches and respiratory distress.

Why is indoor air quality important? Most people, especially in urban areas, spend the majority of their time indoors. Many commercial buildings and some residences are sealed tightly to improve energy efficiency. Odors may emanate from HVAC systems that repeatedly cycle inside air and do not introduce fresh air into the environment.

One factor that design engineers often overlook is the effect of wind on even the most efficient and reliable exhaust systems. The effect of wind must be considered since it may be a safety factor. Wind may whisk pollutants away from your building only to deposit them on a neighboring structure, walking areas, or even return them to the outside of your building onto your team members who are taking a break or perhaps working in a patio area. In fact, the wind may cause building exhaust to be brought back into the building that created it through its own air intakes. Your exhaust system should be safe and effective. How do you know pollutants are effectively removed and not affecting surrounding areas?

CPP has over 30 years of experience solving exhaust related issues. Our goal is to help design professionals create effective, safe exhaust systems that offer efficient, design-complementary solutions to prevent air quality problems in and around the building. Our comprehensive approach incorporates industry-leading testing and analysis methods that consider building shape and size, exhaust types and sources, and surrounding buildings and terrain. Safety is never compromised and CPP’s solutions will comply with the latest regulatory standards.

Having an industry leading wind consultant on your team will ensure your exhaust system is efficient, effective, and designed with the wind in mind. Contact CPP to have our experienced team join yours.