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20 Sep
Simplified schematic of tornado wind flow
An ill wind: The birth of a tornado
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Tornadoes, despite their destructiveness, have a way of inspiring awe and fascination, perhaps in part because they are still shrouded in mystery. Scientists and engineers have bee...
26 Apr
Tornado in Texas Panhandle
The Alternative to “Tornado-Proofing”
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Two weeks ago, we published the article, “Is there such a thing as tornado-proof?” in which we claim, to survive a tornado, most structures would have to resemble bomb shelters. Ou...
12 Apr
Tornadoes are fascinating, destructive phenomena
Is there such a thing as tornado-proof?
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Recent outbreaks of tornadoes in Nebraska, Kansas, and elsewhere in the Midwest leave no doubt that tornado season is well underway. Tornadoes are common weather features in North ...