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24 Sep
Hurricane, typhoon or cyclone? What's the difference?-2
Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones
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What’s the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon? What is a cyclone? How about a tropical storm? Well, there are really just two things you need to know. Tropical depression...
19 Jul
Wind codes around the world
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Local governments usually have ultimate authority over local building codes. Nonetheless, with the exception of a few areas with very unique wind environments (New York City’s urba...
22 Jan
ULA partners with CPP Wind Consultants for safe rocket launches
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The idea of wind tunnel testing for space launch vehicles might bring to mind a rocket roaring through the atmosphere as it propels its payload into Earth’s orbit or beyond. The wi...
27 Apr
Upwind Velocity Profilie
What is wind speed?
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It’s a simple question, right? In a thunderstorm, television weather reporters might speak about sustained winds of 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) with gusts as high as 100 (62 mp...