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17 Apr
Indoor Farm
CPP Wind helps indoor farms produce optimal yields
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Here’s a vexing truth: the highest demand for fresh produce originates where produce farms are rarest. By the time fresh veggies have traveled from farm to table, the freshne...
29 Feb
Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.28.09 PM
Odor and Air Quality
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The air quality may be as clean and pure as the latest filtering system can achieve, but odors can lead you to question the quality of the air you’re breathing. This is a valid con...
14 Dec
DUBAI, UAE - FEBRUARY 2018 :The world's first seven stars luxury hotel Burj Al Arab at night seen from Jumeirah public beach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Providing efficient design for healthcare in the Middle East
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As Middle Eastern countries continue to grow and their cities build ever higher, new hospitals pop up alongside gleaming skyscrapers to meet the increased demand for quality care. ...
02 Nov
Modern work spaces are a far cry from the old, isolating cube farms
Air quality is key contributor to employee productivity
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Admit it, we all knew this intuitively. But now there’s hard research to back up the claim that employee productivity is linked to indoor air quality. In a recently published artic...
05 Oct
Typical duct work for a mechanical ventilation system
Ventilation strategies
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Ventilation is one of the most fundamental aspects of building design. Subpar air replacement methods may cause occupant discomfort, while inadequate ventilation can be downright h...