Testing Solar Racking Structures for High-Wind Durability

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Wind can wreak havoc on solar installations, requiring costly replacements and reducing power production. GameChange Racking turned to CPP to help them deliver solar ground-mount systems that would survive potentially destructive winds.

The greatest competitive challenge to the solar industry today is substitute energy sources such as coal and nuclear. Any opportunity to improve efficiency, cost or durability helps not only a solar system racking company but benefits the rest of the solar industry as well. Solar companies need to continually develop better, easy-to-install products that interact well in their often-unpredictable environments. One of the greatest natural threats to a solar installation is strong winds. Understanding how to improve racking design to prepare for winds of up to 120 mph is key to a successful installation and a solid industry reputation.

CPP tested GameChange Racking’s Roof, Maxscale Post, Pour-in-Place™ and Paver Ballasted Ground Systems. The testing and resulting study gave GameChange the information it needed to continue producing products that can meet rigorous wind conditions. This reduces the risks to power production and of costly replacements.

“We chose CPP for wind tunnel testing due to their reputation as one of the premier international boundary layer wind tunnel testing companies, and their reputation as being clearly top-of-class in the United States, if not worldwide.” – Andrew Barron Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking

Project Team

CPP Project Director:
Dr. David Banks

Product Designer:
GameChange Racking

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GameChange Racking