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Singapore Sports Hub

Featuring the largest free-spanning retractable dome roof in the world, the Singapore Sports Hub is a fully integrated sports, entertainment, and lifestyle center in Kallang, Singapore.

Completed in 2014, the Hub is comprised of multiple facilities, including an indoor stadium, aquatic center, arena, and more.

From the outset, the project presented challenges to accommodate the stadium’s distinctive dome architecture. Through the application of its world-leading expertise and customer-focused approach, CPP was equipped to address several unique challenges throughout the course of the project:


  • CPP worked with the structural engineer to develop optimized design load cases for the stadium’s supporting structure.
  • CPP considered the impact of multiple resonant modes of vibration in the dynamic analysis of the structure.
  • The double-curvature design of the stadium and its supporting structure meant the directional effects of pressures are unique at every point on the roof. This needed to be accounted for when analyzing wind-tunnel results.
  • The Sports Hub includes a retractable roof, so wind tunnel tests were conducted in a variety of opening configurations to understand wind impact on the building.

CPP added value to the project in several other ways.  The large size of the structure means that peak loading conditions do not act everywhere on the entire stadium at the same time. Through a combination of measurements in the wind tunnel and cutting-edge statistical analysis methods, CPP accounted for variation of loading peaks across the stadium. This provided load cases that balance structural efficiency while still examining the risk of unexpected peak local effects. Additionally, CPP provided advice during construction of the stadium to support the building process.

To meet these unique needs of the project, CPP customized its approach and analysis to deliver a first-class outcome. The complexity of the project required CPP expertise from both the Colorado and Sydney offices, in close collaboration with the client’s design team in Singapore.

In 2015, the stadium was recognized by the Institution of Structural Engineers for design excellence.

Learn more about the Singapore Sports Hub here.


CPP Project Director:
Dr. Matt Glanville

Singapore Sports Hub Design Team:
Arup Group
DP Architects

Project Team

Client name:
Singapore Sports Hub
Kallang, Singapore