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CPP Uses Physical Modeling to Assess Pollutant Concentrations

The Durst Organization planned a new, uniquely designed tall building on 57th Street in New York City. However, the location was near Con Edison industrial facilities. If the emissions from the industrial stacks exceeded EPA limits at the new site, or if the new building itself changed the air flow patterns so that the industrial exhaust affected nearby buildings, the entire project would be threatened. In fact, standard AERMOD results indicated that one nearby building would experience pollution problems from the industrial stacks if the new building were to be built.

To test the actual effects of the new building and to assess the validity of the AERMOD results, CPP designed a physical scale model of the proposed building, the industrial facilities, and their surrounding areas. Through wind tunnel testing, CPP showed Durst which of the two proposed design options for the new building would better protect local air quality. By using more accurate modeling methods, the wind tunnel results also showed that the new building would not, in fact, create pollution problems for any of the nearby buildings.

By applying its knowledge and expertise, CPP protected both air quality and a signature building project in midtown Manhattan.

Project Team

CPP Project Director:
Dr. Ron Petersen

Property Owner:
The Durst Organization

Legal Counsel:
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Project Details

Client name:
The Durst Organization
New York City, NY