Dr. Denoon of CPP Wind to Present at CTBUH Post Crisis City Conference

In the COVID-19 world, many people are reluctant to spend time in indoor spaces with people outside of their close family or social circles, whether this be in work or recreational environments.

This has already created major shifts in the urban environment with increased pedestrianization, added bicycle lanes, and extended outdoor dining areas.

Owners of office buildings have started looking more closely at the addition of new outdoor spaces for working and/or recreational amenities, while owners and tenants of existing properties are looking at re-purposing, or reconfiguring, existing spaces.

In the residential realm, natural ventilation of public and private space is becoming increasingly attractive.

CPP’s Dr. Roy Denoon, VP & Principal, and CTBUH Fellow, will be presenting. Read his full bio here.

Dr. Denoon’s presentation will discuss:

  • How wind affects the urban environment, both positively and negatively, with regards to different climates and users.
  • Guidance on how to interpret wind roses for different purposes will be given and key flow patterns around buildings illustrated in relation to different design features. (This will be done with the aim of enabling overview assessments of likely wind effects, whether at ground level or higher elevations, for safety and comfort in both private and public domains.)
  • New approaches to managing outdoor spaces in a more adaptive manner will be suggested with examples of intelligent forecasting and monitoring to maximize useability.

These are issues best dealt with early in the design process, and approaches to this will be outlined.

There is more demand for outdoor spaces and optimizing, not necessarily reducing, the wind speeds within them is critical to their success, whether that be for more sustainable transportation, enjoyment of outdoor amenities, or allowing hospitality venues to operate profitably.

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About CTBUH:

As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. This live-streaming, three-city event will offer a wide variety of benefits to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Who Should Attend?

Colleagues from all disciplines with a connection to tall buildings and urban.

Cannot Attend Virtually?

Roy is available “on demand” for questions or ideas via these channels:

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