Dr. Roy Denoon

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Dr. Roy Denoon leads CPP’s structural wind loading team. He is an industry-leading specialist in wind engineering for tall buildings, and is the co-chair of the Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat’s Wind Engineering Working Group. In this role, he co-authored the recently published CTBUH Guide to Wind Tunnel Testing of High-rise Buildings.

Throughout his career, Roy has applied basic wind engineering principles to increase the design economy of tall buildings. His work in Hong Kong resulted in the local authority’s approval accepting the use of a lower design wind speed than prescribed in the local code. This also was adopted in the next version of the national wind loading design code in which Roy added significant parts of the commentary. Roy’s work improved the design efficiency and reduced the costs for many projects. Roy also provides peer-reviewed services for other projects, allowing the rational reduction of wind loads and responses. This creates significant reductions in construction costs and minimization of requirements for supplementary damping systems.

Roy’s ongoing research interests include the use of efficient and rational wind engineering approaches, taking into account the other design disciplines and site constraints. He continues to publish on this subject, with particular reference to design criteria. Roy’s approaches are further developed by information from the full-scale data analysis on Burj Khalifa, gathered exclusively by the CPP team. Since joining CPP, Roy has led the company’s expansion into new geographic markets.