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30 Sep
Solar panel, anemomter siting, solar tracking
Ensure the Success of Your Solar Tracker with Anemometer Siting
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On-site anemometers play a crucial role in solar tracker operation by triggering the trackers to move to their wind stow position as winds ramp up from an approaching storm. Anemom...
21 Aug
CPP Australia 15 Year Emblem
CPP Wind’s Australian Office Celebrates 15 Years with a Look at the Early Years
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Founded in 2007, CPP Sydney, Australia, was the first office outside of the U.S. for CPP Wind. With a state-of-the-art wind tunnel and laboratory, and some of the most innovative e...
13 Jul
Torque Tube and Dual Rail Solar Trackers
Accurate Geometry is the First Step in Wind Tunnel Testing Solar Trackers
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  Horizontal single-axis trackers (HSATs) are susceptible to wind-induced damages, and wind loading on these solar trackers is one of the primary considerations in their desig...
01 Nov
CPP Welcomes Back Kurt Strobel
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CPP Welcomes Senior Technical Leader Strobel Back To The Team Mr. Kurt Strobel originally joined CPP in 2007 and rejoined in 2021 after nearly six years with GERB Vibration Control...
20 Nov
CPP Principal Brad Cochran Leads ASHRAE Subcommittee On COVID-19 Mitigation Strategy
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Diagram of laboratory with ventilation system that maximizes dilution and removal of contaminant to reduce exposure dose. (Figure Courtesy of 3Flow) On November 12th, 2020, ASHRAE ...
12 Nov
CPP Data Center Webinar #3 – Defining Site Specific Design Wind Speeds for Hyperscale Data Centers
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The first step in any Wind Engineering assessment is to obtain accurate site-specific design wind speeds. This is particularly important for many of the Hyperscale Data Centers bec...