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04 Aug
CPP experts help define natural ventilation for energy savings
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Natural Ventilation can take structures one step further towards a healthy environment and sustainable energy savings. The Energy Research and Development Division has released the...
09 Nov
Efficient laboratory design for occupant health
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Laboratories are the modern cathedrals of science. Within their hallowed halls, researchers solve society’s problems and help ensure a safer, healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. ...
04 Oct
Stack Effect
Get to know a flow feature: The stack effect
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The stack effect is simultaneously one of the most useful and most problematic flow features in building design. Use it to your advantage, and the stack effect can enhance ventilat...
05 Oct
Typical duct work for a mechanical ventilation system
Ventilation strategies
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Ventilation is one of the most fundamental aspects of building design. Subpar air replacement methods may cause occupant discomfort, while inadequate ventilation can be downright h...