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09 Nov
CPP Explains the Pitfalls in AERMOD’S Building Downwash
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Since the mid-90s, the US EPA has recommended the AERMOD atmospheric dispersion modeling system for estimating the impact of new or existing sources of pollution on ambient air qua...
10 Aug
CPP Technical Leaders to Present at 2017 I2SL Education Day
Category: News
Join CPP’s Jeff Reifschneider, our technical leaders and more than 100 other fellow professionals at the 2017 Colorado I2SL’s Chapter Education Day. This year’s program will be hel...
26 Jan
CPP announces building downwash modeling tool
Category: Blogs, News
CPP is pleased to announce the release of a unique and innovative modeling tool that provides valuable information to facilities subject to permit modeling. This tool sheds light o...
18 Nov
CPP air permitting experts present at PNWIS 2015
Category: Blogs
Dr. Sergio Guerra enjoyed the opportunity to present at the 55th annual conference of the Pacific Northwest International Section of the Air & Waste Management Association, whi...
20 Oct
Figure 1b downwindlow
3 Questions to Save Time & Money in Dispersion Modeling
Category: Blogs
Are you trying to demonstrate modeled compliance by increasing stack heights or installing additional emission control? If so, you are probably trying to overcome the flaws in AERM...
09 Nov
Good Engineering Practice (GEP) Stack Height
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CPP co-founder and air quality expert Dr. Ron Petersen has spent years helping permitting consultants understand that Good Engineering Practice (GEP) stack height offers more optio...