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19 Apr
Meet CPP experts at Research Facilities 2018 Conference
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CPP’s Jeff Reifschneider and Ryan Parker will attend the Research Facilities 2018 Conference. In addition, CPP will sponsor the lunch on Thursday, April 26. The Spring Confer...
12 Apr
Meet CPP experts at Tradeline CUSEF Spring Conference 2018
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CPP’s Jeff Reifschneider and Collin Zimmerman will attend Tradeline’s Spring Conference of College and University Science and Engineering Facilities 2018. In addition, CPP wi...
08 Mar
Boston's climate has as much character as the city (sometimes to the chagrin of its residents).
Boston’s climate
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With the recent opening of our Boston office, it’s time to take a look at the climate of this historic American city. Bostonians, Cantabrigians, and others who live along Massachus...