Strongest wind gust ever recorded in Kurnell, New South Wales

Kurnell TornadoKurnell, New South Wales experienced a tornadic supercell and thunderstorm  in December 2015.  This cell created the strongest wind gust ever recorded by a BoM AWS station in NSW as well as a great extent of damage throughout the township. Following the storms, CPP’s  Dr. Matt Glanville, along with Richard J. Krupat II and Matthew S. Mason  from The University of Queensland, conducted several damage surveys to assess damage to the built and natural environments and analyse this overall wind event.

Read more about this wind event and their survey work in The Australasian Wind Engineer newsletter technical notes, “Kurnell Tornado and Thunderstorm Outflow Events: 16 December 2015”.

Our thanks to The Australasian Wind Engineers for allowing us to make this newsletter available.