Guideline on Air Quality Models: The New Path

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Guideline on Air Quality Models: The New Path

awmaThe Air & Waste Management Association along with the Atmospheric Modeling and Meteorology Committee (APM) of the Technical Council, will host the 6th Specialty Conference April 12-13 . This years conference, “Guideline on Air Quality Models: The New Path” will provide a technical forum for environmental professionals to discuss the EPA’s Guideline on Air Quality Models that are required for state and federal permits.

Join CPP’s experts, Dr. Ron Petersen, CCM, FASHRAE and Senior Engineer Dr. Sergio Guerra in their session discussions at this year’s conference.  Wednesday, April 13th they’ll discuss, “Critical Review of the Building Downwash Algorithms in AERMOD “.  Directly following, join their second session as they evaluate a new method to overcome problems with modeling building downwash. They’ll also be leading the PRIME2 Advisory Committee Meeting during lunch.  Join in one of the sessions or come by to talk with us at lunch, we look forward to meeting you.

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