CPP Welcomes Dr. Sergio Guerra

CPP is pleased to welcome Senior Environmental Engineer Dr. Sergio Guerra to our Fort Collins headquarters. Dr. Guerra draws from a wealth of research, regulatory, and consulting experience to help clients successfully negotiate the labyrinthine process of air quality permitting.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes air quality standards nationwide but delegates permitting authority to the states. Additional state and local standards may also augment federal rules, creating a potentially confusing set of requirements. Furthermore, the techniques most commonly employed to demonstrate compliance with the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) include onerous limiting assumptions.

“Too many projects get derailed, or even abandoned, during the permitting process because of inaccuracies in current dispersion modeling techniques,” Dr. Guerra explains. “Unlike any other consulting firm, CPP can use wind tunnel modeling, in addition to other advanced modeling techniques, to correct many of these inaccuracies with the best available science. By quickly finding the optimum permitting solutions, we can help clients clear permitting roadblocks stemming from overly conservative assumptions.”

Dr. Guerra served as a regulator for nearly four years in the state of Kansas and has built a career out of helping clients arrive at accurate air quality results. He notes that dispersion modeling and regulatory permitting go hand-in-hand these days and that expert advice can streamline the regulatory process and save clients time, money and unnecessary headaches.

Sergio’s experience in regulatory permitting complements and strengthens the air quality services we offer. From a project’s initial planning stages, to the permitting process, and through to completion, our clients can benefit from a one-stop shop for diverse regulatory challenges.

“This is a great opportunity to work with talented people,” says Sergio. “CPP is a fresh company that embraces innovation, research and collaboration. It is the right environment for ideas to grow and develop into solutions that shape the society and world we live in.”

Dr. Guerra holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas, where he researched real world emission characteristics of diesel engines using a combination of statistical methods and continuously collected field data. He earned an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and B.S. in Civil Engineering from the same university.

Originally from Mexico City, Sergio speaks Spanish fluently and knows basic Portuguese. He is an avid swimmer and looks forward to enjoying Northern Colorado’s abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Sergio Guerra to CPP. Sergio may be reached at or by calling +1 970 360 6020.