CPP Technical experts presenting at 14th ICWE Conference

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CPP Technical experts presenting at 14th ICWE Conference

The 14th International Conference on Wind Engineering will celebrate its first half-century at the upcoming conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil, June 21-26; fifty-two years after the initial event took place at Teddington (UK) in 1963. Engineers, meteorologists, scientists, and professionals of all related fields interested in wind engineering will actively participate in the 2015 edition of the ICWE, hosted for the first time in South America.

The ICWE is a multi-disciplinary conference covering multiple topics, including wind loads on solar panel and arrays. The cost and reliability of solar racking systems is often driven by structural requirements related to wind loads. Join CPP’s team of experts as they present their innovative research and expertise on single-axis, ground mount and various other solar arrays systems. Whether you design, build, finance, operate, or approve solar racking systems, their presentations will help you understand and mitigate project risks.

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