CPP proud to support Engineers Without Borders USA

CPP is pleased to announce our partnership with Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA), a Colorado-based, internationally focused 501(c)3 organization committed to improving infrastructure in communities in need around the world:

EWB-USA is a nonprofit humanitarian organization established to support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders.  (

Engineers Without Borders USA got its start in 2000 after Professor Bernard Amadei of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Civil Engineering paid a visit to San Pablo, Belize, where Belize’s Ministry of Agriculture had invited him to evaluate the water supply. When he arrived, Prof. Amadei learned that the village’s children spent so much time hauling clean water from a great distance that little to no time remained for school. Although San Pablo lacked the infrastructure necessary to deliver clean water and maintain adequate sanitation, its residents had the resources and the will to make it happen. They just didn’t have the engineering skills.

Identifying a real need for engineering expertise, Prof. Amadei enlisted the help of his engineering students back in Colorado. The professor and his students designed a sustainable water delivery system with the community, a system that was itself powered by a nearby waterfall. Shortly thereafter, in 2002, the world’s first chapter of Engineers Without Borders was established at the University of Colorado Boulder.

From its humble roots at CU-Boulder in 2002, EWB-USA has grown into an organization of nearly 15,000 members. The group addresses needs related to water quality, sanitation, energy, structures, agriculture, information systems, and civil works around the world. Engineers Without Borders USA responds to a community’s self-identified needs and deploys the resources and expertise necessary to deliver sustainable, long-term solutions that the local community can maintain.

In addition to EWB-USA’s international reach, its engineers stand ready to improve conditions here in the United States as well. Through the Community Engineering Corps, Engineers Without Borders USA collaborates with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Drawing on the collective professional experience of thousands of volunteers, the Community Engineering Corps provides pro bono engineering services to underserved communities throughout the United States.

CPP is proud to be a corporate partner of Engineers Without Borders USA. Through our support of EWB-USA, we further solidify our commitment to corporate and social responsibility. We invite you to learn more by paying a visit to the Engineers Without Borders USA website at