CPP Presents Modeling 101 & Permitting Implications Webinar Series

CPP’s team of technical experts and industry innovators share their knowledge around the globe. Join us to gain insight into the various effects of wind and learn how to incorporate innovative techniques into your planning and design.

Modeling 101 and Permitting Implications webinar series

The new air quality standards have significantly altered permit modeling. Not only are these standards more stringent, but the tools we have traditionally used to  model compliance may not be suitable anymore.  Join A&WMA members and CPP experts, Dr. Ron Petersen, Dr. Sergio Guerra and Jeff Reifschneider for a two part webinar series, “Modeling 101 and Permitting Implications”.

On June 2nd, Part 1: Basics: Getting Inside the Black Box they will cover the regulatory aspects of permit modeling along with an overview of the science, inputs, outputs and limitations of EPA’s preferred model for regulatory purposes (i.e., AERMOD ). “Part 2: Advanced Techniques: Beyond the Black Box on June 3rd, they will discuss advanced modeling techniques to obtain more accurate results and achieve compliance.  These techniques are based on the best available science from numerical and physical methods.