CPP opens office in San Francisco

CPP is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in San Francisco, California. Isabelle Lavedrine will serve as CPP’s primary representative in the area, as well as up and down the West Coast. Our new presence in San Francisco will enable us to more effectively communicate and work with our clients.

San Francisco, along with the larger Bay Area, is widely recognized as a global center for innovative design and planning, sustainability leadership, and groundbreaking technologies. Establishing a permanent presence in the area further cements our commitment to efficient, comfortable, and safe built environments.

San Francisco’s population is just over 800,000, but the San Francisco Bay metropolitan area is home to ten times as many. If the area were its own country, its GDP of more than $500 billion would place it among the world’s twenty largest economies. The Bay Area is second only to New York in number of Fortune 500 companies, and San Francisco easily took first place in Clean Edge’s 2014 rankings of cleantech metropolitan areas.

CPP is excited about our increased ability to connect with our West Coast clients through our base of operations in San Francisco. We look forward to the many opportunities that our new office will enable.

To contact us at our San Francisco office, please contact Isabelle Lavedrine by phone at +1 415 373 8576, or by email at