CPP Improves Method for Predicting Exhaust Concentration

100_2180Good exhaust/intake system design ensures exhaust does not reenter the building that produced it. CPP engineers conducted a study for ASHRAE to improve the method which calculates the minimum distance between exhaust stacks and intakes to ensure good air quality for building occupants. This new method uses the knowledge provided in Chapter 45 of the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications (ASHRAE 2015), and was tested against various physical modeling and full-scale studies.

Read more about this study and method in the technical paper, Simplified Procedure for Calculating Exhaust/Intake Separation Distances”, by CPP’s Dr. Ron Petersen and Jared Ritter. This article also appears in the ASHRAE Transactions 2016, Volume 122, Part 2.

Our thanks to ASHRAE for allowing us to contribute to the study and publication.

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