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20 Jun
Peterka group
In Memory of Dr. Jon Peterka
Category: Blogs, Features
It is with heavy hearts we share the news that Dr Jon Peterka, known as Dr. P to friends and coworkers, has passed away at the age of 77. Jon was born May 26, 1941 in Knoxville, Te...
20 Jun
Peterka in office
Remembrances of Dr. Jon Peterka
Category: Features
CPP and colleagues remember Dr. Jon Peterka Jon had an enormous beneficial effect on me and so many other people who were fortunate enough to cross his path. Jon was one of the mos...
14 Jun
Ilham Tower, Kuala Lumpur
Join CPP experts for a vital discussion on Safe & Sustainable Design
Category: Blogs, Features, News
Wind Design Workshop at landmark Ilham Tower, a standout CPP project and Malaysian office location A critical topic. The ideal location. A powerful opportunity to learn and grow. J...
08 Apr
CPP featured in Ansys Advantage
Category: Features, News
Issue 1, 2019 of Ansys Advantage Magazine features a terrific article, “Catching the Sun,” which looks at how engineers use simulation and wind tunnel testing to avoid ...
07 Aug
Atmospheric scientists critical to construction project success
Category: Blogs, Features, News
If a skyscraper is structurally sound or a pedestrian area is pleasant for strolling or sitting, thank an atmospheric scientist. CPP has a few of these professionals on their team ...
22 Jan
ULA partners with CPP Wind Consultants for safe rocket launches
Category: Blogs, Features, News
The idea of wind tunnel testing for space launch vehicles might bring to mind a rocket roaring through the atmosphere as it propels its payload into Earth’s orbit or beyond. The wi...
14 Dec
Current-and-New-AERMOD-Building-Downwash-Theory_single graph
CPP’s Dr. Petersen and Dr. Guerra address flaws in building downwash program
Category: Blogs, Features, News, Technical Pap...
CPP advances its reputation as an essential voice and leader in the wind engineering and environmental industries. The paper PRIME2: Development and evaluation of improved building...
20 Nov
The new CPP headquarters. Photo courtesy of Rieko Ishiwata of Burkett Design, architect for the project.
CPP & Burkett Design create new CPP offices
Category: Features, News
Big changes are coming to CPP, and we couldn’t be more excited. The cutting edge technical work that has defined us since 1981 now has an office environment to match. We have offic...
16 Apr
Dr. Jon Peterka
The distinguished career of Dr. Jon Peterka, part III
Category: Blogs, Features
The ASCE 7 Subcommittee on Wind Loads is tasked with the not insignificant role of codifying the procedures by which engineers calculate wind loads on buildings in most of the Unit...
13 Apr
Dr. Jon Peterka
The distinguished career of Dr. Jon Peterka, Part II
Category: Blogs, Features
It took about two years for CP/A, as the organization was then called, to get on its feet. Everything was built from scratch. From software and analysis procedures to data collecti...
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