Carter & Salmon to Present Airflow and Ventilation at AIRAH NWS

CPP Vice President, John Carter airflow ventilation AIRAH
CPP Vice President, John Carter

AIRAH’s NSW division invites you to the Kirribilli Club, Wednesday, March 8th, where John Carter and Chris Salmon will present on different aspects of airflow systems and ventilation. This will be followed by a case study from event sponsor CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants.

As Vice President of CPP Wind Engineering, John will provide a discussion of state-of-the-art techniques for analysing airflows in and around buildings. His aim is to aid HVAC system designers in achieving satisfactory dispersion of exhaust airflows and avoid contamination of outdoor air intakes. John’s presentation covers relevant details, including both mathematical and wind tunnel modelling, performance criteria, and operating strategies for current or future projects.

airflow ventilation AIRAH
Engineered Environments Operations Manager, Chris Salmon

Chris Salmon, Operations Manager Managing director at Engineered Environments will present on the application of sound engineering principles that should be applied when using Carbon Monoxide monitoring to assess ventilation effectiveness of car parks where conventional ventilation methods just won’t work or Performance Solutions under the BCA are being confirmed.

The evening will conclude with a case study from event sponsor CPP Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants, plus a Q&A with all presenters.

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