Testing Capabilities

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CPP’s US facilities are located in Fort Collins, Colorado and our Australian facilities are in St. Peters, a nearby suburb of Sydney with easy access to the Sydney International Airport.

Because of our worldwide reach, we provide more convenient and responsive consulting to our clients in Australasia, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

  • Wind tunnels. CPP operates 3 recirculating boundary-layer wind tunnels. The newest is a vertical recirculating tunnel in Sydney.
  • On-site model design and fabrication facilities, including a 3D printer for test models, produce even the most complex models efficiently and accurately.
  • A full-scale field site where we conduct prototype and full-scale model testing. Like our wind tunnels, the field site includes a turntable that allows us to observe the effects of winds from many angles, as they happen.
  • An industrial-level multiple-CPU computer cluster for CFD, mesoscale, and other computer simulations. This computing resource provides faster, more highly resolved solutions.

With CPP’s resources and testing capacity, we can respond to project time pressures and deliver results promptly. Contact us to learn more.