Yarrow Fewless

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Yarrow Fewless joined CPP in 2005, coming from an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. As an engineer, project manager, and project director, he has been involved in all stages of the model design, testing, and data analysis process. This breadth of experience is coupled with a drive to find the solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Yarrow has significant experience in consulting on wind issues related to tall buildings (structural dynamics, cladding pressures, door operability, and pedestrian comfort), wind loads on roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar structures, and more unique situations such as wind loads on air-supported radomes and launch vehicles (prelaunch, on the launch pad).

In addition to his project work, Yarrow has made important contributions to CPP’s tools and methods, including playing a key role in developing the CPP probe, a directional pressure-based sensor for measuring pedestrian-level wind speeds around buildings. This probe performs better in complex flow environments than other similar probes used in the industry. Yarrow has also developed analysis software related to wind loads on solar structures, wind comfort and safety in pedestrian areas, and wind climate data.

Yarrow is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers Technical Council on Wind Engineering’s Structural Wind Engineering Committee and the Environmental Wind Engineering Committee, as well as the SEAOC Wind Design of PV Task Group. Yarrow also co-authored the 2014 ASCE publication, Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage.