Travis Hawkins

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Travis Hawkins joined CPP Wind in 2014 as a wind tunnel and model shop technician. After gaining experience with the technical aspects of wind tunnel testing, model construction, and instrumentation, he shifted to the engineering team as a Project Manager involved with all CPP’s services and lines of business.

Since then, Travis has been central in developing many CPP processes and procedures, including logic, workflows, and user experience. He has been instrumental in improving organizational processes and aligning divergent internal systems and practices. With this experience, he transitioned into the Design Supervisor role, integrating his full scope of manufacturing knowledge and methods.

In 2020, Travis transitioned back into the laboratory team as Lab Manager, helping to coordinate CPP’s efforts in next-generation model manufacturing and expanding our efforts in innovation.

Travis has experience with various services for low-rise and high-rise buildings designed for residential and mixed-use, sports arenas, airport terminals, and more. A few notable projects include the New York Islanders Arena/Belmont, KCI Terminal, and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Travis holds a BS in Psychology from Colorado State University and has presented his research at various conferences.

Travis Hawkins