Peter Bourke

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Peter is a founding member of CPP’s Australian operations established in 2007. He is currently our Global Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director of CPP’s Australian subsidiary. Peter has more than 15 years’ experience in wind engineering consulting, including extensive experience in wind tunnel testing, Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD), and general aerodynamics.

He specializes in bespoke forms of wind tunnel testing, included testing of unique building structures, bridges, solar assemblies, kinetic artworks, and complex aeroelastic testing. He also specializes in advanced field monitoring for wind engineering applications, and has developed world leading wind monitoring and forecasting systems currently in use by CPP’s clients. His experienced includes developments throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East, the United States and South America.

Peter is an expert in boundary layer wind tunnel design and has played a key role in establishing all of CPP’s current boundary layer wind tunnels worldwide, leading their design and construction. He has also developed many modern testing and analysis techniques for CPP, including extensive custom software development.

Peter is a member of the Australasian Wind Engineering Society.

Peter Bourke