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Mr. Kurt Strobel originally joined CPP in 2007 and rejoined in 2021 after nearly six years with GERB Vibration Control Systems. Kurt is a senior technical leader for structural services with focus on wind-induced structural dynamics and measurement and control of vibration.

At CPP, Kurt has performed structural dynamic analyses on a variety of structures, including roofs, canopies, launch vehicles, transmission line towers, solar collectors, and high-rise buildings with heights from 80 meters to nearly 500 meters. Kurt has also designed supplemental damping systems and structural modifications to ensure building occupant comfort and to reduce structural fatigue on cables and various slender structures. He has experience with the design of tuned mass, tuned liquid sloshing, visco-elastic, and chain dampers.

With GERB, Kurt focused on the application of tuned mass dampers (TMDs) for reducing vibration and dynamic loads for tall buildings and towers, long-span floors, and pedestrian bridges. This work included developing TMD specifications and conceptual designs, project management of TMD installations, and TMD tuning and commissioning. In addition to TMD-specific work, Kurt conducted vibration measurements on numerous structures for dynamic characterization and set up remote vibration monitoring equipment.

Mr. Strobel has been a co-author on a number of papers related to wind engineering and supplemental damping systems. He has instructed courses on theory and application of Tuned Mass Dampers, and on vibration measurement and analysis. He holds a BA in physics, an MS in mechanical engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer in Colorado.

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