Dr. Jon Galsworthy, PE

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Dr. Jon Galsworthy is a world-leading wind engineer and recognized expert in wind effects on tall buildings. With more than 25 years of experience in all technical aspects of wind tunnel modelling studies, Jon leads highly technical teams toward client-centered goals and objectives. He has directed the wind engineering studies of several of the most complex and ambitious designs over the last 10 years. Internationally these include the Jeddah Tower, Merdeka PNB 118, and Ping An International Finance Center. In North America, notable projects include the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, Vista Tower in Chicago, and in New York, the Steinway Building, and all the buildings at Hudson Yards.

Jon has been involved in the development of building codes in North America, has been a member of the ASCE 7 wind loading subcommittee, and is the current chair of the National Building Code of Canada Task Group on Climatic Loads. In 2015, Jon was a keynote speaker at the International Conference for Wind Engineering in Brazil, and the President of the American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE) from 2016-2018. He has also authored technical articles for several publications including Structures Magazine and CTBUH. Dr. Galsworthy holds a BESc in civil & structural engineering, a PhD in wind engineering, both from The University of Western Ontario, and is a registered professional engineer in several Canadian provinces and many states across the US.

Jon Galsworthy