John Carter

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John Carter, CPP Vice President and leader of our Air Quality Services, has more than 20 years of experience conducting wind-tunnel and numerical modeling studies related to laboratory exhaust design. Some of his clients include GE Global, Johnson and Johnson, Allergan, Applied Bio, University of Missouri, Duke University, UC Irvine, UC Davis, and UC Santa Monica.

At CPP, John has been instrumental in developing tools to aid in modeling of internal building airflow patterns using pressure coefficient data measured in CPP’s wind tunnels. This technique, which uses the pressure data in conjunction with existing numerical models, has been used to evaluate natural ventilation in high-rise buildings and to provide solutions for ventilation problems in existing facilities.

John has also conducted numerous wind-tunnel dispersion studies to determine Equivalent Building Dimensions, a technique that provides more accurate estimations of concentrations due to downwash using EPA’s ISC model.

John has performed studies of Good Engineering Practice stack height and building ventilation. Before his arrival as a full-time engineer at CPP, John participated in ASHRAE’s Research Project investigating the impact of architectural screens on rooftop concentration levels (ASHRAE Research Project 805-TRP). This work was the basis of his Master’s thesis.

John has written several technical reports and is an active member of ASHRAE, ASWE, and ASME.

John holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and an MS in Wind Engineering from Colorado State University.