Joe Paetzold

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Joe has been with CPP since early 2016. His experience includes major projects throughout Australia, SE Asia, and North America, and the Middle East. These include wind tunnel testing for numerous high-rise buildings, airports, and large-scale solar energy installations.

Joe has worked on numerous wind tunnel studies investigating structural and cladding wind loads as well as pedestrian wind amenities. Additionally, he has worked on several projects investigating the impact of building wake turbulence on runways for airports around Australia. He has also investigated the impact of turbulence on helipad approaches for hospitals and performed field measurements to investigate the impact of helicopter rotor wash.

Local project experience includes detailed wind tunnel testing programs and data analysis on the 100 Mount Street development, Sydney; Sydney One; Rhodes Station Precinct, Sydney; Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane; Two Melbourne Quarter, Melbourne. International experience includes BB Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Teruntum Tower, Kuantan, Memorial Park, and Abu Dhabi.