Isaac Shum

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Isaac Shum has over 15 years of experience in wind tunnel testing and wind engineering projects. His expertise lies in the areas of aerodynamics of tall buildings and long-span structures, wind tunnel testing techniques and control of wind-induced vibration of tall and slender structures. He has been a project manager of wind engineering projects throughout Australia, the Middle East, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Prior to joining CPP Wind, Isaac led a professional wind engineering team in Hong Kong for nearly ten years. He has completed a variety of applied research and consulting projects, including the flutter analysis of twin decks at large angles of attack, wind drag coefficients on noise barrier structures, optimum design of tuned vibration absorbers, and more.

Isaac has published over 50 journal, conference, and workshop papers in the areas of bridge aerodynamics, cable aerodynamics, wind-structure interactions, and structural vibration control.