Dr. David Banks

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Dr. Banks leads Solar Services and Special Projects at CPP. Using both wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the Special Projects group helps clients with issues like window size for adequate natural ventilation, wind-related comfort, high winds at remote sites, and wind problems with doors. The Solar Services group oversees CPP studies into wind loads on solar panels, where they help clients with projects that involve ballast- for roof-mounted solar panels, wind-related risks for ground mounted solar racking systems, and potential damage to solar panels from wind-blown sand and dust. This kind of engineering often requires the development of new test methods and analysis techniques, which often puts David and his team at the innovative edge of the industry. As a result, Dr. Banks continues to contribute the codes and publications that expand the multitude of knowledge in wind engineering. His most recent contribution is as a co-author of the SEAOC PV2 guidelines for wind loads on roof mounted solar panels. David is a recognized leader in technical innovation throughout the industry.