Collin Zimmerman

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Collin Zimmerman joined CPP in 2016, where his work includes wind tunnel and numerical exhaust dispersion assessments of laboratories, hospitals, and data centers. As part of these studies, he frequently evaluates fan energy optimization, providing reduced exhaust energy consumption for laboratory research buildings by utilizing variable air volume (VAV) technologies, allowing VAV exhaust systems to operate safely under simple fan turndown, and wind-responsive turndown strategies. Additionally, his work frequently includes thermal analyses for colocation and hyperscale data centers to optimize the design and configuration of cooling equipment. Collin has extensive experience in outdoor comfort studies, natural ventilation evaluations, and door operability assessments. Collin holds a BS in aerospace engineering from the University of Tennessee.

Throughout his career at CPP, Collin has helped develop and streamline thermal stack effect services through optimized model development and data analysis techniques. He has performed stack effect evaluations on such structures as hospitals, residential/hotel towers, low and high-rise office buildings, and internationally recognized towers. He has also performed numerous field investigations of stack effect issues within several notable supertall buildings, including many of the tallest buildings in the Gulf region, to provide recommendations for performance improvements and management of adverse conditions.

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