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Unless new buildings are evaluated for outdoor wind comfort issues, they can actually make things worse for pedestrians, cyclists, and patio diners. When new structures are built, overlooked wind issues can greatly impact the success of your business and/or outdoor space by creating:

  • Wind channels around and between buildings
  • Uncomfortably windy patios or pool decks
  • Gusty sections of sidewalks and walkways

Our wind experts have diagnosed and solved outdoor comfort problems for more than forty years. We understand how winds near buildings behave and how to anticipate and reduce the risks of these environmental winds.

How Wind Affects Outdoor Comfort

Wind creates special airflow patterns when it interacts with a building. When a new structure is built, surprising problems often occur. A peaceful outdoor café, garden, or jogging path might suddenly experience surprisingly strong winds. Furniture on pool decks or balconies could be blown around, possibly piling up on one side or in a corner.

These effects can be surprising, but they’re also predictable and preventable. At CPP, we understand how buildings and structures affect wind patterns. We use this knowledge to help you protect the outdoor experiences and overall comfort of people walking or lounging near the building.

Whether you’re a building owner, an architect, an engineer, or a developer, you have a stake in the success of your building.

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