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Responsive Exhaust & Intake System Design

Reliable exhaust systems safely remove pollutants from buildings and replenish interior spaces with fresh air. However, wind can create air flow patterns that divert building exhaust back into its air intakes. Wind can also drive pollution to nearby buildings or affect nearby lounging or walking areas. An exhaust system is only safe and effective when pollutants no longer contaminate your building, nearby buildings, or areas where people spend time.

We have over 30 years of experience in diagnosing and solving exhaust-related issues. We’ll help ensure the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your building with a comprehensive approach that considers:

  • Building shape and size
  • Surrounding buildings
  • Local topography and vegetation
  • Types of exhaust sources
  • Local meteorology, including seasonal effects
  • And more

Our wind engineers use industry-leading testing and analysis methods to evaluate the effects of your building’s emission sources. We will quantify pollutant concentrations at air intakes, nearby walking and lounging areas, operable windows, and other sensitive locations.

If we do find problems, our experienced team will recommend design changes that improve air flow and air quality in and around the building. Our goal is to offer efficient solutions that complement your design without compromising safety. Our solutions comply with the latest regulatory standards.

Exhaust Fan Efficiency

A laboratory exhaust system can be a large initial and ongoing investment. Ensuring that the system is efficient without compromising occupant health or comfort is crucial.

Variable air volume (VAV) systems control the fresh air that is brought into a space and conditioned. However, most VAV systems use constant-volume exhaust fans. Even when these fans use stepped controls, the system wastes energy and money. We aim to minimize that waste by analyzing the system and defining the flow requirements so each exhaust fan can run at less than 100% load while still maintaining good air quality. This provides a more efficient system and significant energy savings.

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