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19 Jan
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Air Permitting Technical Papers
Category: Technical Papers
Here are just a few of the technical papers that CPP’s experts have written on industrial emissions and air permitting. Using physical modeling to refine downwash inputs to A...
12 Jan
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Brochures & Flyers
Category: Flyers & Brochures
Looking for a PDF with some information about CPP services? Here they are: Air Quality Brochure Air Quality Overview CPP Overview CPP Brochure (US) CPP Brochure (AU) CPP Total Comf...
10 Jan
Understanding the effects of wind is crucial to the success of solar power
What You Need to Know about Wind Effects on Solar Panels
Category: Blogs
Scenario: A guy walks up to a wind engineer and says…. I just got off the phone with a grad student at the local university who was breathless with good news for me – with the new ...
08 Jan
The “Effective Stack Height” Fallacy
Category: Videos
CPP’s Vice President of Air Quality, John Carter discusses the fallacy of “Effective Stack Height.”
07 Jan
Save Energy & Money in Lab Exhaust Design
Category: Videos
CPP Vice President of Air Quality, John Carter explains how laboratories can save energy and money by knowing how the wind effects the exhaust plume and adjusting exhaust fan usage...