I2SL Annual Conference includes tour of new innovative CPP wind tunnels

CPP’s industry experts both present and moderate

Always an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity, the I2SL Annual Conference for this year includes something special: a mind-blowing tour of CPP’s new state-of-the-art wind tunnel laboratory in Windsor, Colorado.

The conference

Take lab sustainability to new heights. The I2SL Annual Conference and Technology Fair is the leading international conference focused on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in laboratories and related facilities. Through technical sessions, demonstrations, and exhibits, lab owners, operators, designers, engineers, safety managers, and users exchange information covering the life cycle of the laboratory from design to use to disposal of products and packaging.

The 2019 conference takes place in Denver with an extended day at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

CPP expertise attending in force

CPP’s Ryan Parker, Bob Taylor, and Jeff Reifschneider will serve as moderators.

CPP’s Brad Cochran will give three presentations at the conference:

Designing Safe and Energy-Efficient Laboratory Exhaust Systems

Energy Saving Strategies for Laboratory Exhaust Fans (presenting alongside Jim Meats from Loren Cook Company)

A Review of the New Energy Consumption Limits Mandated for Laboratory Exhaust Systems in California’s 2019 Version of Title 24

Cochran will present actionable information of timely importance. For example, in his first talk, a workshop, Cochran will offer new advancements in designing safe and energy-efficient laboratory exhaust systems. Strategies presented can safely reduce the energy consumption of an exhaust system by about 50% compared to a typical constant volume system, which equates to approximately a 15% reduction in a lab’s total electrical energy use.

Cochran, one of CPP’s most experienced and accomplished engineers, co-authored the Best Practices Guide, Modeling Exhaust Dispersion for Specifying Exhaust/Intake Designs.

Exclusive tour of CPP’s new wind tunnel facilities

On Tuesday of the conference, CPP will transport participants to tour the brand-new laboratory and two state-of-the-art wind tunnels in Windsor, Colorado. Learn firsthand how these industry-leading tools and methods are used for the design of safe and sustainable high-tech facilities. Limited to 60 attendees.

Learn more about the conference here, and the wind tunnel tour here.